Criminal Defense

Expungements, Probation Violation, Assault, Battery, Resisting Arrest, Theft, Burglary, Sexual Offense, Conspiracy, Drug Possession, Paraphernalia, Drug Trafficking, Disorderly Conduct, Fraud, Property Crime, Arson, Traffic Ticket, Juvenile Delinquency, and more

If you are arrested, you need to remember to inform the police that you wish to have your lawyer present for any police questioning. This protects you and helps your attorney tremendously in forming a defense to your criminal charges.

Whether you’re charged with a misdemeanor offense or multiple felony charges, let us assist you and protect your rights.


The thought of being pulled over for drunk driving is terrifying. Being arrested for a DWI can be devastating to your personal life and your career.

Just because you blew over .08, failed a field sobriety test, or refused a chemical test doesn’t mean your life is over. Let us explore your possible defenses to increase your potential for a favorable outcome.

Family Law

Divorce, Uncontested Divorce, Child Support, Paternity, Child Visitation, Adoption, Property Division, Guardianship, Restraining Orders and Orders of Protection

When you choose to file for divorce, it’s one of the biggest life decisions you’ll ever make. The end result of a divorce or other family law case may impact your loved ones for the rest of their lives.

We’ll approach your case with sensitivity and compassion it deserves .

When facing such decisions you need to make sure you know your legal rights to protect your interests as well as those of your children. Let us put our years of family law experience to work for you.

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If you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and the surrounding area, the Law Office of David L. Powell will provide you with a comprehensive, tailored defense strategy. Our work begins as soon as you are arrested, and we will represent you at the arraignment. This is the initial court hearing during which you are formally charged and bail is arranged. We will work to secure your release so that you can return to your normal routine while we build your case.

A successful defense strategy begins with conducting a thorough investigation and collecting evidence. We will obtain and review a copy of the police report to determine the facts and uncover any errors that may have been committed by law enforcement. For example, the arresting officer may have failed to read you your rights or the police may have obtained evidence without a search warrant. We will also identify and interview all relevant witnesses and determine if there is evidence of your innocence or any mitigating factors. In addition, we will conduct pre-trial discovery, prepare and file all of the necessary legal motions, and vigorously defend you at trial.

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At the Law Office of David L Powell, we believe that anyone who has been accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. The primary focus David’s practice has been successfully defending clients against criminal charges in the state of Arkansas. He is a highly adept defense attorney who will fight to win an acquittal or have the charges against you dismissed. Depending on the circumstances, he may also seek to have the charges reduced or arrange for a plea bargain. In the event of a conviction, he will determine if there are grounds for an appeal.

The Law Office of David L. Powell, PLC serves clients in Fort Smith, Van Buren, Greenwood, Barling, Alma, and throughout the state of Arkansas.



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